​At McRAE & McRAE REALTY we do things a little differently.

Before you select a REALTOR, you might need to call us and find out how we differ from other Companies or what we do differently. 

For example, if you are a Seller we Profile your Property and determine who would be the most likely Buyer. 
​What age group would your property appeal to?
Would it be a family, a retired couple, a business person, someone with a Mother in Law living with them? 
Where would they most likely be moving from? 
Would they have special needs that your property would be able to fill? 
What area amenitites would fit their wants and needs?
Then we target market folks who meet that criteria.
Ask about the websites we use to promote properties.

If you are a Buyer we make sure that we introduce you to a Professional Mortgage Broker who will be able to determine what price range we should be looking at for you. This will avoid disappointment later that could be caused  by looking at properties in a higher price range than you will qualify for.  Then when we are ready to make an offer on the perfect property for your needs we will already have a pre approval letter to submit with your offer making it more appealing to the Sellers. While you are looking for the perfect property we offer you a service that makes it easy.  We get from you the criteria of what you are looking for and then we plug you into all the MLS search engines and find what matches. Then we enter you into our "Auto Search Data Base" where you are matched with Properties that meet your criteria daily, so you will be aware of new listings that come on the market or that get a price reduction and now meet your criteria. This way you can browse through the photos and get familiar with things. It ​is a great way of getting familiar with how much
property your dollar will buy.

When your offer is made we stick with you all the way through to closing and beyond. We attend the Property Inspection that will be done to make sure that all is in working order, we provide a liaison between you and the Title Insurance Company, we stay in touch with your Mortgage Company  and if necessary we will provide any additional documentation that might be needed. We will help by recommending surveyors, movers, insurance companies, alarm companies, 
decorators, painters, cleaners, pool service, lawn service and a ton of other services that through the years we have found Contractors who are reliable and responsible.  Check out our Preferred Vendors Page for contact information.


We will analyze your Return on your investment, we will counsel you on when it is time to consider a 1031 Exchange.
You may have owned a commercial property that you have depreciated as much as is possible so it may be time to
exchange it for another property so you can take advantage of being able to depreciate it.  A1031 Exchange has some
benefits that you may not be aware of. We will meet with you and discuss all your possibilities. 

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